(in Danish) The analysis focuses on oppertuinities in the cities of Stockholm (Sweden), Hamburg (Germany) andWrocław (Poland). The analysis is undertaken by COWI and can be seen here:

Registration is now open for the Management of Ground Water on Contaminated Sites conference. The draft program available here.


The global network of regulators (ICCL) and the European network of contamninated site owners and consultants (NICOLE) are hosting their joint conference "Groundwater Management on Contaminated Sites" in Copenhagen 5th to 6 th October 2017. The conference follows the network meetings of NICOLE and ICCL respectively.

The call for abstracts is now open and will remain open untill 16th June 2017.

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A new report from the European Commission establish a growing concern for  PFAA's  in the European river systems. Every year around 400 million tonnes of chemicals are produced and about a thousand new substances are developed. the researchers recommend, in omega replica planet ocean watches particular, installing more effective treatment technologies at wastewater-treatment plants. Full removal of these substances via wastewater treatment is, however, difficult and expensive, which reinforces the importance of preventive action on the production and use of PFOS and PFOA.

Read the report here.

Piper Enviromental Group has chosen Præstø for their new international production facilities.

See news from Tv-East:


On May 31, China’s State Council released a nationwide Action Plan for Soil Pollution Prevention and Control. The Action Plan, whose implementation will be led by the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), calls for the establishment of laws to monitor, prevent and remediate soil pollution, and aims to incrementally improve soil quality across the country by mid-century. Specifically, the plan aims to make 90% of polluted arable land safe for human use by 2020, and increases that target to 95% by 2030. According to China Daily, It is estimated the action plan could add 2.7 trillion yuan ($411 billion) to the nation's GDP and create around 2 million jobs.

Soil Action Plan

The five regions in Denmark has mapped the most prominent technical challenges they are facing in solving the countrys investigation, assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. The total tissot prs 516 replica watches challenges is estimated to cost € 2 billion and last up to 50 years. For this reason cheaper and more effective solutions are needed.

Read the full report here.

A Danish Delagation of 22 experts are participating in the Jiangsu  Environmental Confernece CIEPE 19th to 20th November 2015. The delgation has representatives from the regions, the embassy, municipalities, University of Copenhagen, the geological survey of Greenland and Denmark and replica chopard mille miglia gmt watches several companies. The delegation is co-arranging a seperate soil track focusing on IT sollution in contaminated site management and sollutions to heavy metals pollution.

The International Water Association (IWA) has chosen Denmark as the host destination for the prestigious  World Water Congress & Exhibition in 2020. see more at:

The latest addition to the network of tetssites is a former gaswork in Horsens, Central Denmark Region. The history of the site dates back to 1860 and the site is heavy polluted with PAH,phenol, cyanide andvy metals, which is thoroughly documented by more than 40 boreholes. The obejective of the site is to encourage the testing and development of new an innovative solutions for investigating and remediating this and similar sites. The site will be an integrated part of the citys Museum of Industry. The test site is a cooperation between the Central Denmark Region, the municipality of Horsens, VIA Univeristy College and the museum. It will be officially opened on June 25 by Bent Hansen, the chairman of Central Denmark Region.

Europes largest confernce nad Exhibition on contaminated soil & groundwater is held in Copengaen from 9th to 12th June. Professional tours and match making events will be held in connection with the conference.

DSP and the Danish Regions will host the next Common Forum meeting on 11.-13. May. Sixteen European Environmenatl Protection Agencies and the European Commission will meet to discuss contaminated land challenges. 

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency has publised a booklet on the Danish approach to contaminated site manangemt. 

Denmark, has developed solutions to soil contamination issues for more than three decades; and the results show that the solutions work. Denmark is better equipped than ever to manage soil contamination towards a sustainable future. This publication will give you the key to our approach.

Read the publication here.

The report, a common ground for clean soil, is now avaliable online. It presents an overview of the Danish sector for soil and groundwater remediation along with the companies that contribute to its development.

State of Green has published an overview of of compenticies within the Danish soil sector in a new white paper. The report presents the state-of-play of the Danish soil and groundwater remediation sector, the report includes a matrix with information about names, areas of expertise, and size of the companies working within the sector in Denmark. The content of the report is the result of a survey conducted among more than 200 of the companies working within the Danish sector for soil and groundwater remediation. On top of this, a number of expert interviews have been conducted in order to qualify the findings of the questionnaire survey as well as discuss central issues relating to soil and groundwater remediation in Denmark.

read the publication here

Four sites mangaged by three regions can now easily free of charge be accessed for testing, developing and demonstrating investigation and remediation technologies.

See the sites here.

The government is drafting laws that will allow the state to decide who is responsible for contaminated land, as well as create new financing mechanisms to pay for the clean-up, according to Gong and others who have been consulted on the legislation. Such mechanisms are expected to involve the establishment of dedicated new funds for cleaning up, as well as subsidy and loan facilities to help cover treatment costs.

But the law is not expected to be completed until at least 2017, experts quoted in state media have said, with the first draft still unfinished.

While forecasts by government-backed research institutes suggest the market for land treatment, or remediation, could generate 200 billion yuan in annual revenue by 2025, government officials say it’s still at the very early stage.

Read the enrtire article here.


Danish Soil Partnership udarbejder i øjeblikket i samarbejde med Innovationsnetværk for Miljøteknologi og State-of-Green en samlet oversigtsrapport over sektoren for jord- og grundvandsrensning i Danmark. Rapporten skal være med til at skabe opmærksomhed om de unikke danske kompetencer på området i udlandet. Den vil bl.a. indeholde et opslagsværk over danske teknologileverandører, entreprenører og rådgivningsvirksomheder med virke på området, samt en række case-historier.
For at indsamle data til rapporten udføres en kort spørgeskema-undersøgelse. Undersøgelsen indeholder 10 spørgsmål, som det tager ca. 5 minutter at besvare. Hvis du eller en kollega sætter denne tid af til at besvare spørgeskemaet, bliver virksomheden promoveret som en del af rapporten.
Du kan i øvrigt se eksempler på lignende rapporter om ”Grønt og Smart Byggeri” og ”Affaldssektoren i DK” her.  Rapporterne bruges bl.a. til at give udenlandske aktører et let tilgængeligt overblik over bestemte dele af den danske cleantech sektor. Den seneste rapport om smart og grønt byggeri i Danmark blevet downloadet over 350 gange og er blevet distribueret i mere end 500 fysiske eksemplarer til en række danske og udenlandske aktører ved diverse arrangementer.
For yderligere spørgsmål til undersøgelsen kontaktes Jonas Mortensen, CLEAN (, tlf. 31 69 48 19)

German companies put aside around 15 billion euros a year to manage, mitigate, or moderate their environmental impact. But Germany's environmental regulators are beginning to take a much more balanced approach to cleanup. Total clean-ups are now substituted for more balancced approches.

Read the article in Investment Europe here.

Friday 25th April in Beijing, China, Kristian Johnsen, chairman of DSP, and Jesper Würzen, Mayor of Ballerup are signing an agreement, with the Municipality of Wuxi in China. The agreement aims at establishing a cooperation centre on contaminated site management. COWI and GEO used the same oppertunityto sign a contract on phase 1 investigations on a site with the Wuxi Urban Development Group. We hope to attract the attention of other Danish Companies interested in doing business in China. Wuxi has 6,5 million inhabitants and is experineced rapid urban Development, primarily on formerly indrustrial areas.

Der indkaldes ansøgninger til Miljøministeriets Miljøteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram – MUDP 2014.Formålet er at hjælpe danske virksomheder med udvikling af nye miljøteknologiske løsninger, som foruden at kunne levere bedre og billigere miljøløsninger også har potentiale til at bidrage til øget eksport og flere grønne produktionsjobs i Danmark.

Ansøgningsfristen er 28. maj 2014, kl. 12.

Du kan læse mere om puljer her.

The number of contaminated sites in Europe has been estimated at 342,000, of which only one third have been identified and 15% remediated. Countries are working to a wide variety of timelines to identify and deal with their contaminated sites, according to data collected in 2011-12 by the EU’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) from European Economic Area and Balkan countries.

See the JRC report here.

Tens of billions of yuan to be spent by Chinese government each year on soil clean-up projects

Read more here.

The pilsner derives from Plzeň in Czech Republic, in the same city a larger contamination with chlorinated solvents has been discovered. Orbicon advice on the use of steam injection to boil away the hot-spot.

To read more here



Den hastige bydudviklingi Kina skaber en række store udfordringer - herunder jordforurening, hvis løsning er af afgørende betydning for vækst og stabilitet i Kina. Samtidig åbner udfordringerne mulighed for Danmark til at intensivere samarbejdet med Kina på både centralt og decentralt niveau.

Under navnet Danish Chinese Urban & Regional Cooperation har Ministeriet for By, Bolig og Landdistrikter etableret et netværk af regioner og kommuner med tætte kontakter til Kina. Ofte er venskabsbyer og offentlige samarbejder en indgang til det kinesiske marked.

Konferencen præsenterer netværket og spørger, hvordan kommuner og regioner kan styrke indsatsen for at understøtte danske virksomheders eksport til kinesiske byer og tiltrække kinesiske investeringer til Danmark.

Se program for conferencen her: 



A minimum of three organizations from three EU or associated countries can apply for funds to establish and promote a network of public procurers in the area of soil decontamination and remediation. The deadline is 8th April 2014. The focus should be on sustainable methods which in particular avoid 'dig and dump', in order to raise awareness, share knowledge, debate common procurement needs and draw up common specifications, taking into account longer-term public sector requirements and socio-economic aspects, with the aim of investigating the feasibility of launching joint pre-commercial procurement (PCP) to find common innovative solutions in the field.

See page 45 in

See participant portal here: