Electrodialytic remediation of chromium, copper and arsenic

Start date: Oct 1st, 2014
Finish date: --

Pilot test of electrodialytic remediation of copper, chromium and arsenic (CCA) from Collstrop soil.

The first pilot study, financed by the Capital Region of Denmark, was completed and reported in January 2016 - see the Technical note and the Executive summary.

The first pilot study pointed toward a number of possible improvements to the method. DTU researchers continue the pilot scale experiments at the Collstrop site from late Spring 2016.

Project type: Remediation

Project target: Soil

Contact information

Lærke Nedergaard
Capital Region of Denmark
tel. +45 

Associated test sites

Collstrop-site, Fredensborg

Former wood impregnation facility
As, Cr and Cu in top soil and shallow groundwater
Test containers and access to meeting room