Membrane filtration - AOP

Start date: Sep 14th, 2016
Finish date: --

Pilot scale test of membrane filtration combined with advanced oxidation processes as an alternative to traditional treatment on activated carbon.

Phase 1 is a literature study to determine promising combinations of membranes and contaminants. Phase 2 is a pilot scale test of the  ability of the membranes to retain dissolved contaminants. Phase 3 is a pliot scale test of the ability of different advanced oxidation processes to treat the concentrated retentate.

During Fall 2018 Phase 2 is in operation at the Innovation Garage

Project type: Operation

Project target: Groundwater

Project documents
Contact information

Hasse Milter
Region Zealand
tel. +45 5787 5854

Niels Døssing Overheu
Capital Region of Denmark
tel. +45 38665563

Associated test sites

Innovation Garage

Former dry cleaning facility
PCE in clay till and sand aquifer, P&T plant
Meeting room and office spaces.

Stengaardens Landfill

Former uncontrolled landfill

Phenoxy acids and methane in regional sand and gravel aquifer
P&T plant with extensive testing facilities
Electricity production based on methane landfill gas with possibility for testing gas engines.
Several wells, in source and plume, with multiple screens which gives the possibility for extensive monitoring ie. MNA.
Meeting room, office space, toilet, Wi-Fi, 3x400v -160A.