Start date: Sep 14th, 2016
Finish date: --

The purpose of the BioBassin project is to develop an innovative method for degradation of Phenoxy acids by using bacterial cultures that are commonly found in nature and/or wastewater. The project is carried out in cooperation with Aarhus University. The final goal is to build a plant on large scale based upon the experiences gained in the project.

The period of the project is estimated to be 3 years. The method takes several parameters into consideration, such as regulation of residence time, surface area and oxygen requirements. This is a way to optimize the degradation compared to traditional sand filtration.

A pilot-scale system has been developed, consisting of three tanks with different types of filling material: 1) sand 2) sand + peat 3) custommade rockwool.

Project type: Remediation

Project target: Groundwater

Project documents
Contact information

Hasse Milter
Region Zealand
tel. +45

Associated test sites

Stengaardens Landfill, Hvalsø

Former uncontrolled landfill
Phenoxy acids and methane in regional sand and gravel aquifer
P&T plant with extensive testing facilities
Electricity production based on methane landfill gas with possibility for testing gas engines.
Several wells, in source and plume, with multiple screens which gives the possibility for extensive monitoring ie. MNA.
Meeting room, office space, toilet, Wi-Fi, 3x400v -160A.