Using pump-and-treat plants for energy production and storage

Start date: Feb 4th, 2013
Finish date: --

Heat pump:
The Innovation Garage has a demonstration facility to evaluate the potential of exploiting the extracted groundwater in the P&T plant  for heating and cooling purposes. The P&T plant is fitted with a heat exchanger connected to a heat pump which extracts 3-5 degrees C from the groundwater which is used for room heating. Furthermore, an airconditioning unit in Room 6 uses the groundwater as a coolant. Combined heating and cooling increases the efficiency of the heat pump.

Contact: Line Mørkebjerg Fischer.

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES):
A project group based in the Operation & Maintenance team explore the possibilites of using P&T plants for ATES.

Contact: Anne Mette Granhøj Hansen

Project type: Operation

Project target: Groundwater

Project documents
Contact information

Anne Mette Granhøj Hansen
Capital Region of Denmark
tel. +45

Line Mørkebjerg Fischer
Capital Region of Denmark
tel. +45

Associated test sites

Innovation Garage, Skovlunde

Former dry cleaning facility
PCE in clay till and sand aquifer, P&T plant
Meeting room and office spaces.