Flow dynamics in sewers

Start date: May 1st, 2017
Finish date: May 1st, 2018

Traditional ventilation of sewers and waste water pipes above roofs is at risk of creating a larger spreading of the contamination in the waste water pipe in the building, as it creates an airflow from the nearest manhole and thought to the waste water pipe in the building. This will draw the contamination into the building. If indication of the ventilation of the waste water pipe at the site actually creates a risk of increased spreading of the contamination to the indoor air, a new test will be carried out with the attempt to turn the airflow in the waste water pipe, changing the air intake to the collection pit to an air discharge and install a temporary active suction in order to assess the derived effect.

Project type: Investigation

Project target: Vapor intrusion

Contact information

Kristian Dragsbæk Raun
Region of Southern Denmark
tel. +45 76631934

Associated test sites

Ørstedsgade, Rudkøbing

Temporary test site - Former dry cleaner - contaminated with PCE
Testsite until medio 2018.