Contaminant contribution from sewers

Start date: Apr 1st, 2017
Finish date: Jun 1st, 2018

The project aim is to construct an equipment package that can be deployed at sites with possible vapor intrusion through sewers. Based on this package, two sewers at the test site will be investigated with on-line logging of (i) barometric pressure and temperature, (ii) differential pressure between sewer/downpipe and restroom air or between the restroom and outdoor air, (iii) VOC/CVOC-concentration in the sewer/downpipe, (iv) VOC/CVOV-concentration in the restroom. Based on an analysis of the interrelationships of the dynamic parameters, the equipment will be “armed” for automatic extraction of worst-case samples (using carbon tubes) that can be sent to the lab for analysis and used in risk assessments. Test procedures for quantitative estimation of the sewer contribution will be explored.



Project type: Investigation

Project target: Vapor intrusion

Contact information

Kristian Dragsbæk Raun
Region of Southern Denmark
tel. +45 76631934

Associated test sites

Ørstedsgade, Rudkøbing

Temporary test site - Former dry cleaner - contaminated with PCE
Testsite until medio 2018.