Start date: Feb 1st, 2018
Finish date: Nov 30th, 2018

Pilot scale test of using freezing processes to speed up transport of degradation products through tight soils.

In Spring 2018 freezing tests are conducted at an uncontaminated site, while hydraulic testing is carried out at the Innovation Garage to see if the site is fit for pilot scale tests on contaminated soil.

The project is funded by the Danish Innovation Fund and the partners below.

Project was terminated prematurely because objectives could not be met.

Project type: Remediation

Project target: Soil

Project documents
Contact information

Nina Tuxen
Capital Region of Denmark
tel. +45 38665597

Associated test sites

Innovation Garage, Skovlunde

Former dry cleaning facility
PCE in clay till and sand aquifer, P&T plant
Meeting room and office spaces.