Scenarios - beyond state of the art monitoring and remediation technologies

Start date: Nov 30th, 2021
Finish date: Nov 30th, 2025

The goal is to close the knowledge gap and achieve breakthrough TRL advances in the toxicology, detection and remediation of probably the most objectionable and widespread class of contaminants -PFAS-, with an unprecedented energetic balance and virtually no external chemical additives. A major effort is underway to develop Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA) of PFAS, including the new generation of congeners, to assist EC and EU countries in decision-making on these substances for environmental safety and human health.

EU Horizon project involving 19 partners from 10 European countries and Israel.

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Project type: Monitoring

Project target: Soil

Associated test sites

Former Korsør Fire Academy

Active Fire Academy.
PFAS in soil, groundwater, surface water, grass and biota.
Plug-n-play test facilities and access to meeting rooms.
P&T plant.