Middelfartvej, Odense

Contact info

Middelfartvej, Odense
Middelfartvej 126
5200 Odense

Kristian Dragsbæk Raun
Region of Southern Denmark
T: +45 76631934 / +45 29201934
E: Kristian.Raun@rsyd.dk

The site is owned by Region of Southern Denmark and is empty with no buildings.

• 2–10 m thick cover of glacial till

• Below this, meltwater sand, 2–5 m thick

• Below this, glacial till

• It is thought that the sand aquifer m

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•Soil contamination from 2.5 – 7 m bgl

• Residual contamination in soil approx. 32 kg

• Groundwater contamination present from 10–20 m bgl in the sand aquifer

• Residual contamination in groundwater approx. 3 kg in hotspot and 1 kg in plume

• Primarily PCE and to some extent TCE, low content of cis-DCE, small quantity of VC

• Dehalococcoides present – but too low to quantify

Conceptuel model

A screening method developed by GroundTracer has been testet. The system consisted of a combination of two non-invasive methods – georadar and geotracer. The test were a part of the MICCS project (Methodology for fast and reliable Investigation and Characterization of Contaminated Sites)

Kristian Dragsbæk Raun
Region of Southern Denmark
T: +45 76631934
E: Kristian.Raun@rsyd.dk

• Good access directly from road

• No power

• No water

 • No infrastructure


2 types of fluxsamplers are testet at 4 sites including the testsite Middelfartvej.

Investigation Methods